Q: Do dealers count cards? Find out Here!
A: Certainly not, and the reasons why are neatly listed on this post at Online Blackjack Questions.

Q: Is card counting illegal  Find out Here!
A: No, but it is frowned upon and if they catch you they’ll ask you to leave. Get the full story at Online Blackjack Questions…

Q: What’s the easiest way to learn to play Blackjack?
A: Check out this page at Online Blackjack Questions and practice a bit on an online casino before you go to a real one, so you’re not embarrassed when you make mistakes!

Q: How do I become a better Blackjack player? Do I have to learn to count cards?

Q: Read a well written blog like Online Blackjack Questions and watch plenty of youtube videos. You don’t have to learn to count cards but get familiar with the strategy behind it. And practice, of course!

Last modified: August 24, 2021