Do Blackjack Dealers Count Cards?

This is a question that has come across the minds of many casino patrons when they see a blackjack dealer play hand after hand of blackjack. They must be so well versed in the game that counting cards must become second nature to them, and they have a great cover – being a casino employee – to keep their scheme under wraps. So is playing against a blackjack dealer dangerous because they may have an unfair advantage? The short answer is NO! Check out the video below for an explanation of why blackjack dealers don’t count cards.

It’s not about whether the blackjack dealer can count cards, but the age old question, what’s in it for them? Dealers never work on commission and actually tend to be on the gambler’s side, giving them tips because they know if you win they’ll get a bigger tip than if you lose. Also the dealers have to follow the casino’s rules for when to hit and when to stand, while these rules are usually printed on the very felt table they’re working at, it would be very silly for them to break the rules. And the truth of the matter is card counting requires a huge amount of concentration and mathematical prowess, and a dealer who has to focus on dealing, paying out and collecting bets will hardly have the energy to spare for this endeavor on top of everything else. So now that you know it’s safe to play against the dealer why don’t you head to some online casinos – the best online casinos guide in canada in 2017 – and try your luck. The playing field is level; who knows, you might win big.