Online Blackjack Questions was started by the best online blackjack players you’ve never heard of.

Why write a free gambling blog instead o

f writing a book, and getting that much-coveted gambling celebrity status that makes the average gambler salivate? Why avoid the sponsorship deals, interviews, photo shoots, and celebrity perks?

Because that’s all nothing but a distraction to playing the best blackjack it’s humanly possible to play. Besides, the big casinos may grin and offer you the state room suite, but they’ll also peg every single camera on you and have a “host” follow you around, plying you with drinks to make sure you get off your game.

Anonymity is powerful in the blackjack world, and we’ve opted for (relative) anonymity because we’re not trying to sell anything. We know that you don’t have to give anyone money in order to learn how to get money from a casino! They give it away, but it’s just that most gamblers are too sloppy, careless or ignorant to

take it and hold onto it.

So that’s our basic idea for starting Online Blackjack Questions: we want new and experienced blackjack players to benefit from our experience, and we don’t feel the need to sell the knowledge we have because we know there’s plenty to go around. Not being greedy is a huge part of being successful in gambling and blackjack in particular, so we’re not greedy with our advice. Enjoy the articles, get out there and win!

Last modified: August 24, 2021